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23 November 2015

Dinning with Our London Escorts

So our site has been live for about two weeks now and we have had the pleasure to advertise some of the best escorts in the London area on here. As we are a new business and are constantly growing we wanted a way to keep you up to date to with all the changes that are going to be happening to the site in the future. As well as this we wanted to have a place where we can talk to you about some of the best things to do in London with our London escorts. So to start this off we figured why not write a blog about some of the best places to dine while you are in London.

Our first suggestion is the prestigious Middle Eastern restaurant Nopi. Nopi is a Soho-based restaurant which has some of the best meal in London. The menu at Nopi has been put together by some of the best Middle Eastern chefs who invented the entire menu making it a dining experience you cannot get anywhere else in London.  You have two options for dinning at Nopi you can ever enjoy your meal upstairs in the very formal dining area or you can eat downstairs which is overlooking the kitchen so you watch as your meals are prepared.

For our second suggestion we would suggest Scott’s. Scott’s is an elegant seafood restaurant based in central London. Scott’s offers some of the finest oysters, fish and crustacean in London making it the most sought after seafood dining spot in London.  Dinning at Scott’s will leave you speechless because of their elegant and unique experience from the atmosphere to the outstanding menu. Enjoying a meal at Scott’s with one of our London escorts is certainly and evening you will never forget.

If you are ready to have a dinner date with one of our stunning London escorts then either give us a call or head to our booking form now.