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01 April 2016

FAQ Part 2

To continue our feature on questions that we get asked by clients here are several more that we hear on a regular basis. Take the time to read through our blog and you can ensure that you are making a fully informed decision.

Are Your Escorts Real?

All of our escorts are real. We do not believe in having fake profiles or misleading our clients. We offer a 100% trusted service to ensure that what you see is what you get. Yes, images get touched up by photographers it’s their job and we do not hide this fact but who you book is who will turn up for the escort experience of a lifetime.

Can I Make A Special Request?

We are here to make sure that all your needs are fulfilled. From the moment that you contact our reception staff here at Companion Concierge we want you to feel that we are giving you exactly what you desire so please feel free to make any special requests. Some may need to be discussed with the escort herself but we will always endeavour to help.

Why Do You Not List Services?

We do not list services on our website for one simple reason, when you book and escort from Companion Concierge you are paying for the allotted time with the companion. We make no promises of what will happen on this date and should anything happen it is between you and another consenting adult. Listing services, even in an acronym form would be wrong and misleading.

What If I Need To Cancel?

Things come up. Sometimes an unpreventable occurrence will mean that you need to cancel or sometimes you may just change your mind. This is fine and we can cancel your booking with enough notice. If you cancel within less than several hours or when the escort is on her way then we will blacklist your number and in some cases if the escort has already arrived there may be a need to make a payment for waste of time.

As ever we will keep updating our list of Frequently asked questions so that you can hopefully make a much more informed decision when choosing to book escorts in the future.