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28 January 2016

Going for a drink with our London escorts

So it’s been a while since our last blog and we thought a few of you would like to know some of the best bars to take our escorts in London and with our business constantly growing we’re going to be getting a lot of new escorts soon so impressing them is always the best way.

Our first suggestion would be the excellent Oriole which is a new bar with an already rising reputation for some of the best cocktails and has a brilliant vibe of warmth and friendliness when you enter, the décor is enchanting and mesmerises you as soon as you enter, the drinks are quite exquisite offering hundreds of freshly made cocktails with hints of Asian, African and European mixes. The food here is quite scrumptious importing spices from all corners of the world to give you the meal that you deserve and to soak up some of those cocktails.

Our second suggestion is the Joyeux Bordel which is a lovely quaint bar which like most London bars their own selection of cocktails as well as the more normal cocktails, it also serves an excellent selection of wines, champagnes and little nibbles to snack upon, further more it has a bunch of live bands playing different genres every now and again including Jazz, Soul, Funk and Disco so you can dance into the night which to many means it’s one of the best bars in London to have a good night.

If you’re looking to take one of our gorgeous escorts to any of these great bars for an exquisite night out then don’t be afraid to gives us a call on 07393578410 or head to our booking form now to start your brilliant night out that’ll you’ll never forget.