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01 March 2016

Plan Your Date And Experience More

Do you plan your bookings from start to finish? Do you imagine every intricate detail before the escort has even arrived? Many experienced clients will do this and as a result they got so much more booking for their money. It is amazing to think that when you have a finite amount of time you would leave any minutes at risk of being forgotten, especially when those minutes are spent with an incredible London Companion.

The other night a client, who will remain nameless (obviously), booked one of our Kensington escorts for a booking in the local area. The gentleman had planned the whole date perfectly and came away from the experience much more fulfilled, as he did not waste time deciding what he would like to do with his companion. The restaurant was booked, he had thought of everything, from how to greet a beautiful lady to where he would like to spend the evening. As they say preparation makes for a perfect performance.

Now maybe you are not the kind of person to plan every detail of a booking but there are certain elements that can really help to move proceedings along. Plan on how you will meet your escort, a greeting can set you up for a great booking or get you off on the wrong foot straight away. Always be prompt with payment, as any time wasted here will come directly from the booking time. Lastly have a general idea what you would like to do and when you would like to do it. This is particularly important when you have a girl for just an hour and you want to ensure you have all of your needs met.

If you would like to make a booking then why not visit our bookings page or call one of our reception staff now. We are more than happy to help you plan the dream booking tonight.